Psych Solutions, PLLC

Ryan Rollins, LLMSW

Being a therapist is more than a job--it reflects a core part of me that enjoys connecting to people on a real level. Clients find my authentic and engaging manner a comforting invitation to explore and relate to themselves in new ways. My goal as a therapist is to provide a safe space for clients to unpack, heal and grow. I work with clients with a wide range of symptoms that include anxiety, depression, PTSD, cPTSD, childhood trauma and neglect, trauma, relationships issues, and self esteem. I am a proponent of reality based therapy and my approaches include evidenced based theories and perspectives. I have a Master’s in Social work with a concentration in Cognitive Behavioral therapy and a Bachelor’s in Social work with a concentration in child welfare. I have spent over 8 years working with children in families and love what I do.